Friday, April 6, 2007

How relationship in your family have changed over the years.

At these times when my parent work for a living, i and my younger sister are often left at home with a baby-sitter or spend the whole day at school. Most of the time, we have just enough time to stay together at night. We sometimes do not even have enough time to talk about the individual life together. Having a good relationship with each other is really difficult in my family. However, my parent often have little conversations or gestures of comfort . I think there are the best ways to get better relationship in my family.

Although we don't have enough time to stay together and talk everything in life. But my parent usually set good time to make little conversations. That is the good way to know more about me and my younger sister. For example, my father always ask me about my life in school, friends or incident on the way to school or while being the dinner table. Furthermore, my father also shares his experiences in life to me by his some small story of him. I've learnt a lot of lessons about my father. If i have some problems in life, my parent always is a good persons to give me the best solution. When a family is often busy in work, little conversations is the good way to take care to each other.

Besides, my parent always make gestures of comfort with me and my younger sister. Because they want us to feel comfortable to study, even without them. For example, every morning, when my parent go for work, my mother gives my younger sister small kisses and pats on the back for me. It is a good way in expressing their love and concern for us. Sometimes, i make some mistakes in life, but my parent never punishes me, they just raise and advise me a lot. In fact, gestures of comfort are also crucial to build relationships in my family better.

In modern social, everybody is busy in work to earn money. My family don't have enough time to stay together. I think little conversations and gestures of comfort are the best ways to build better relationship in family.

The qualities and characters that can lead to success in business

When we start a new business, success in business is a goal that everyone would like to do. There are a lot of things to do to become a successful entrepreneur. In my opinion, personal strength, goal clarification, decision-making are the qualities and characters that can easily lead to success in business.

First of all, A major thing of the ultimate success or failure in business is personal characteristics and skills of the owner. We have to have ambitions and a lot of knowledge about business to lead successfully.

Secondly, A specific goal is necessary for the person who want to start a business. In fact, if you have a specific goal, you will have energy and perseverance to get satisfactory results.

Finally, Business owners often have difficulty making decisions. If you have a false decision, maybe you will lost everything. Working through the steps will give us a lot of opportunities to get desired goals.

Success in business is a desire of people who do business. If they have enough those qualities and characters, they will be more easily to lead to success in business.